13 Ways to Show Mom You Appreciate Her

Mom-ing is hard, and totally rewarding at the same time! But sometimes a little extra appreciation goes a long way! Show your mom a little appreciation with one of these great Mother's Day gifts! 


1. A Massage

Help your mom relax and break away the stress with a massage! If you live in Amarillo, we love this place!!

2. Champagne

Mother's Day Champagne

Cheers! You turned out normal! Every mom deserves a glass of champagne to celebrate motherhood!

Make It Special: throw on a sweet Mother's Day wine label! 

Make It Extra Special: give her this cool glass to toast with!! 

3. A Clean Car

And while you're at it, top off her gas tank! No one enjoys getting gas when it's windy and rainy outside! 

4. A Clean House

I'm a dog mom, but I would LOVE a clean house! No matter if you clean the house or hire it out, every mom loves a clean house!!

5. Make Her Something! 

I am nearing 30 years old and my mom still loves when I make her something! 

Mothers Day DIY Gift

Have kiddos? Make it extra special and have them make her something!!

6. Jewelry

We're currently crushing on this local designer!! We love her style, and her fun personality shines through in every piece of her work!

7. Coffee

Whether it's her favorite k cup, Starbucks brew or a simple giftcard to the local coffee shop around the corner, every mom loves a cup of coffee! 

8. Bath essentials

Bath bombs, bath salts, scrubs, candles, you name it! We all love a good bath, but really love these bath salts we found at 


9. Plants/Flowers

The gift that keeps on giving! Give your mom a plant or a pot of flowers this Mother's Day! This way she'll at least be able to enjoy it through the summer, if not year round!


Make It Special: Decorate the pot! We did this one with a vinyl that you can purchase here!

10. Gift Card to Her Favorite Shop

Moms can be picky- we totally get it. If you're shopping for the impossible, give your a mom a gift card to her favorite restaurant, clothing store, etc. 

11. Yard Work

Some people really enjoy yard work, but my mom is not one of them! Do the hard work for her (or hire it out!) and let her enjoy a margarita on the patio that afternoon!


12. Pedicure/ Manicure

Tell mom to put her feet up and enjoy a pedicure or a manicure this Mother's Day! You can't go wrong with a great foot massage!

13. Facial

Kids cause wrinkles and wrinkles make mom mad. I personally swear that there is nothing more relaxing than a good facial. 

Too expensive? Check out these great masks you can get on a budget!

Still can't find the perfect thing for your mom? Try finding something in our shop!