Our Top 5 Favorite Wines Under $20

Favorite Wines Under $20

It’s obviously no secret that we LOVE wine. But, we also love a good deal. That’s why we’ve composed a list of our top favorite red wines, all under $20. That way, you can cheers to a fuller bank account with a fuller glass of wine. Now, THAT’s something worth cheers-ing to!

5. Bogle Essential Red 

This wine is overall, very easy to drink. It is a little jammy, but not overwhelming at all. Better yet, this bottle is around $12, making it a perfect pairing for a good movie and a night in.

4. Francis Ford Coppola Merlot 

Soft and smooth, this wine is definitely one to keep on hand. Unlike many merlots, this one is fruity and not too dry! Plus, it has gold foil on the label. Of course, we love it.

3.  C & T Cellars Front Porch Merlot 

Typically around $18, this one is a bit more pricey, but it’s absolutely worth it! This merlot is soft and a bit more fruity than some listed above. However, it’s our go-to at every party because no matter the red preference, everyone loves it!

2. Finca El Origin Malbec

As the only Malbec on our list, you’re going to have to trust us on this wine- it’s the best! A great desert wine, the Finca is the perfect girls night companion (that’s actually how we discovered this one). It’s the perfect balance of mild and sweet and the best part? No hangover. So, pour another glass- no one’s judging.

1. Standout by SLO Down Wines

If you’ve never heard of this wine, you need to RIGHT NOW. There’s a reason it’s our number one! But we’ll be honest, we originally bought it for it’s unique history and awesome branding. This wine is the perfect combination of a Cabernet and a Merlot. Priced around $19, this wine is a little more expensive, but absolutely worth it.

It should definitely be noted: we are not sommeliers. We’re amateurs at best, but we consider ourselves experts at all red wines under $12.99, but sometimes we splurge! We’re dying to hear your favorites so we can add more to our list! What will be in your cup tonight?