Top 6 Adult Easter Basket Ideas

Adult Easter Basket Ideas

Maybe this list is the Easter Basket list we wish our husbands would read...but regardless, we LOVE everything in this basket! And it's likely if you're reading this, you're running a little behind... Yikes! No worries though- If you live in the Amarillo area, we'll be sure to craft and deliver everything to you before the Easter Bunny has his coffee Sunday morning!

1. Champagne

This one should be obvious. Whether it's wine, bubbly, full-on vodka, you name it; it definitely needs to be included! 

Make it Special- remove the wine label and add your own! 

Custom Wine Bottle Label

2. Candy

Customize this one for the person depending on what they like! It can be gum, popcorn, those chocolate Easter bunnies- whatever they like! Just be sure to hide the calorie counter! 

3. Soaps

All. The. Bath. Soaps. Throw in a bath bomb or some fun lotion! Our personal (and budget friendly!) bath salts can be found here!

Bonus- Add in a face mask to create the full effect! You can find some of our favorites here! 

4. Cosmetics

Make-up can add up! So receiving a new brand or make up addition always gets me so excited, especially since it's not something that's usually purchased everyday. You can grab one of my favorites here.

5. Stationary

I'm sure you could've guessed this one, but we absolutely looooove our stationary. Personalize it with fun monograms and add a cute ribbon for a gift! We'll be honest the Super Slab is our personal favorite and we use it every day! You can place your order here!

Adult Easter Basket Filler, Stationary

6. Custom glasses

How cute are these little cups and they would be perfect for an Easter Brunch! The gold foil on these makes them extra special, but with champagne in them they're even better! 😉  You can order yours here!

Last Minute Whim?

No worries- we'll deliver all of our products to you (if you're in the Amarillo area) and just in time for Easter! Reach out to us using the button below and we'll be sure to hop (ha!) on your order!