5 Graduation Gifts We Love

Graduation Gift

Graduation is around the corner (like, 1 month! Eek!!) and let's be honest, you probably have a gajillion gifts to buy. But don't freak out- You have time! Here are five ideas to get you started and on your way to graduation parties with the perfect gift in tow.

1. Laundry Bag

Sometimes students decide to do laundry before fall break. Crazy, right? Help them out a bit and gift them with a laundry bag! Carrying loads of laundry to the washer and dryer, which is usually located on another floor, is never fun. But you can at least make it easier on them! We are currently crushing on these customizable laundry bags!

Make it special: Make it into a laundry basket, adding laundry detergent and dryer sheets! College kids are poor, remember?

2. Tool Box

If you've ever received a tool box, it's likely it's still in use to this day! (In fact, my husband STILL carries around the pink hammer my friend Anna got me when I graduated high school!) It comes in handy more than you think, even after 10 years! Here's one we love!

Make it extra special: Throw a monogram on it to add a personal touch!

3. First Aid Kit

Accidents happen, right? Leave the embarrassment in high school and prep your grad for the inevitable shaving cut that could ensue. We love this one!

4. Stationary

It's never fun to take notes- really, never. But having a cool stationary pad takes a little bit of the loathing vibes off, right? Make them feel extra mature by personalizing it with their upcoming college or their initials! Contact us today to get one like below!

Graduation Gift, Stationery

 5. Monograms

It's likely that many students are about to discover the joy of living with a roommate. It's so... fun. Prepare them with vinyl monograms so they can at least stake their claim on their things in the new shared space. You can find these here!

Graduation Gift, Monogram

Looking for a college graduation gift? We have plenty of gifts for the college grad to celebrate with! Check them out in our shop!