3 Invitation Styles We Are Absolutely LOVING!

Shower Planning Organizer

Invitations are a sweet way to add some personal flair to an event. Plus, everyone loves to get a fun invitation in the mail building up the hype to an upcoming event. There are so many creative and unique ways to design an invitation, but what makes an invitation especially great? The personal touches you can add through out the process.  So, we’ve compiled three of our favorite looks and we’re showing them off.

1. Patterns

Patterns are a quick and easy way to add some personality to any invitation. With either a variety of colors, or a simple color like the one used below, you can make yours unique and fitting to go with any style.

Invitations with Patterns

2. Watercolor

It’s no secret that watercolor is trending right now, and if you ask us, it’s for a good reason! We love the current watercolor trend and it’s pretty apparent. The below watercolored invitation gives a small hint of color to an otherwise rather simple invitation. We love how this one is clean, simple and presents an elegant look.

Watercolor Invitations

3. Florals

But really, who doesn’t love a good floral invitation? This invitation was designed for a bridal shower with the bride in mind. It is tradition that this bride wear red on her wedding day instead of the traditional white. With that said, these red flowers were a must at her bridal shower and completely tied in her style.

Floral Invitations

There is something so special about a custom invitation, but our favorite part is seeing someone light up after opening it. We always feel so honored to be apart of someone’s special day. Let us be apart of your big event and contact us here!