31 Dorm Room Essentials


SATs taken. College acceptance letters received. Graduation invitations sent. All that's left now is the big moving day! The day parents fear (or look forward to depending...) and the day students everywhere prepare their livers- totally kidding!!- their brains. With that said, it takes more than you would expect to create the perfect dorm room! So, here's what we suggest you absolutely can't live without in a dorm room.

  1. Flip flops

  2. Tool box

  3. First aide kit

  4. Those adhesive sticky wall hangers

  5. Monograms

  6. So many organizer boxes

  7. Dishes/silverware/cups

  8. Shower Bin

  9. Laundry bag

  10. George Forman Grille

  11. Fan

  12. Extension Cords

  13. Lamps

  14. Wall Art

  15. Extra Blankets

  16. A Robe

  17. House Shoes

  18. Television

  19. Bath Linens

  20. Bed Linens

  21. Important Papers, ID Cards and Documents

  22. Mirror

  23. Microwave

  24. Batteries

  25. Flashlight

  26. Sewing Kit

  27. Umbrella

  28. Trashcan

  29. Light bulbs

  30. Printer

  31. Printer Ink & Paper

Regardless of the dorm room, new or old, you'll likely have to spruce it up with your own style- which is what makes it fun!! Decorate away- this tiny room will be your new oasis for the upcoming school year! If you're looking for a way to personalize the basics and distinguish what's yours between your room mate's, monogram it! Grab one in our shop!